Cold Dead Hands – 2014 – The Year In Review

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 The Cold Dead Hands New Year’s Resolution (2014) – The year also started off with some draconian and patently unconstitutional anti-gun legislation in Connecticut. Cold Dead Hands supported those in Connecticut – In Defiance Of Tyranny – and called upon others nationwide to stand with their Connecticut brothers and sisters as well.

In 2014, Cold Dead Hands (CDH, Inc.) began to seriously pursue the education and training part of their mission with the launch of their Firearms Awareness Safety Training (F.A.S.T.) program. Intended to be a blueprint for the re-implementation of firearms training in the school system, they held their first training class with a local college fraternity with very encouraging results. Beta Theta Pi is F.A.S.T. Tracking With Cold Dead Hands – They have since been working on refining and documenting the curriculum and preparing to fully expand and implement the program. Education has been a key component of the CDH Mission and a big part of that is educating people to the progress being made. Even when the media makes it seem otherwise. With 2014 being an election year, maintaining the engagement and interest of Americans was paramount. Just knowing that progress is being made can be very motivational. We Are Winning and Nobody Knows It – As the year progressed, Cold Dead Hands worked hard to keep people informed on changes in the law, Supreme Court rulings and the like. Can You Hear Me Now? No More Warrantless Searches Of Cell Phones – They also kept a watchful eye on election campaign issues and provided commentary to help people keep the issues in perspective. Gun Control: The Real War on Women –

Being an election year meant that CDH was heavily invested in that process as well. 2014 saw Cold Dead Hands make its first official political endorsement. As CDH advises for others to do, they started locally in a Texas race where they are based. A Conversation with TJ Fabby – Although TJ lost his bid for a State House seat, he exemplified the type of representative we need in government. That experience illustrated the fact that there is much work yet to be done in order to get proper representation in government again. Ironically, Cold Dead Hands also had to take on those who, for all intents and purposes, are on our side. Again stepping into the politics of Texas, when Governor-elect Greg Abbott came out and openly stated he would sign an Open Carry Bill for Texas if it came to his desk, Cold Dead Hands issues an Open Letter to Texas Governor-elect Greg Abbott: About That Open Carry Pledge? – In the letter they reminded the Governor-to-be of the commitment to Constitutional Carry that grass roots activism and involvement in the Texas Republican Convention had secured. Pointing out the inherent flaws of the arbitrary requirements already in place for Concealed Carry permits as well.

Tackling political issues on a national scale, Cold Dead Hands was quick to remind people that elections are not the end of the story, but merely the beginning. Though November saw a “changing of the guard” in Washington DC and in many states across the country, simply changing the party in power is not nearly enough. Eternal Vigilance and holding representatives, new and old, accountable is a full time job in and of itself for every American. So You Think All We Have To Do Is Vote Them Out Of Existence – Complex and chaotic social issues, like the race and law enforcement issues that grew out of Ferguson, MO also effect the nation and our liberties as a whole. Far from being just about race, Cold Dead Hands examined the behind the scenes forces at play. Always trying to go beyond the superficial coverage of the media to get at the deeper issues at hand. Homegrown Terrorism and Ferguson MO. – When “national leaders” fail to heed the will of the people, Cold Dead Hands called them out as well. In the aftermath of the sea change of the November elections, rather than be empowered by their victories, the Republican “leadership” showed its lack of spine and Cold Dead Hands was among the first to call them out on it. Omnibust! –

2014 saw its share of tragedy as well and in one particular case, Cold Dead Hands was drawn into the spotlight by the Southern Poverty Law Center who attempted to link CDH to a Canadian murderer. Cold Dead Hands issued a press release calling out Southern Poverty Law on their irresponsible insinuations. CDH may be a relatively small grass roots organization, but are not at all afraid to go toe to toe with the big boys. Southern Poverty Law Misfires – Although their main focus is gun rights, Cold Dead Hands also tackled other tough issues as well. Politically sensitive and/or politically “incorrect” topics are not off limits when they effect our liberty and/or the future of this nation. Enemies of the Republic – Being strong advocates for women, women’s rights and empowerment means taking the liberal feminists to task as well. Ok Fems, you finally did it! I’ll bite… –

A big part of Cold Dead Hands mission is to work with other small companies, the backbone of the American economy and home to the entrepreneurial spirit that built America. Through networking with other small businesses via the CDH Store and by aiding businesses like Patriot Protection who take their unique firearms training and put it towards advocacy as well. Texas Firearms Training Facility Challenges Gun Control Advocates to Face a “Bad Guy” – 2014 has been an eventful year and 2015 holds both promise and peril for this nation. Cold Dead Hands will be in the front line trenches for as long as it takes, but without the American People standing beside us we can only do so much. The growth and progress we have achieved thus far is solely due to the engagement and involvement of those who have followed us. They are our strength and we are merely a megaphone to help make their voices heard. As we step into a new year of challenges, it is always good to look back and remember how we got here. Vigilance – Accountability – Restoration. Bring on 2015!

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