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Open Letter To The Texas GOP: You Are Not Our RULERS

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Opening Day Petition Delivery

Government derives its power from the Consent Of The Governed yet the Republican Party of Texas has turned a deaf ear to voiced consent or dissent and opted to rule as Oligarchs drawing power from the “implied consent” of the Silent Texans. In a government designed to REPRESENT the people, there is only one way to do that, LISTEN to the people. In 2014, at the Texas Republican Convention, the people’s delegates spoke loudly and UNANIMOUSLY making Constitutional Carry a legislative priority in the 84th Legislature a part of the Republican party platform. In 2015, on Day One of the opening of the legislative session, the people again spoke loudly both in person and in writing in support of Constitutional Carry. Over 100,000 petitions were delivered to House and Senate Representatives in favor of Constitutional Carry.

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Texas Firearms Training Facility Challenges Gun Control Advocates to Face a “Bad Guy”

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Cold Dead Hands is proud to announce the Patriot Protection Gun Control Challenge. The significance of this date is intriguing, not only is it the 223 anniversary of the Bill of Rights which includes the 2nd Amendment, but .223 is also the caliber of the AR-15 which many gun control advocates call an “assault weapon” and would like to see banned.

Patriot Protection Plano, TX.

Press Release: Plano, Texas 12/15/14

Patriot Protection in Plano Texas has issued a challenge for all gun control advocates to come to their range and actually face a “bad guy.” You often hear gun control advocates say “I don’t believe people should to be able to own guns” or “there is no reason someone needs to have a ______ type of firearm.” However, many, if not most, of these “advocates” have no practical experience with firearms or with situations where they might need a firearm.

“We want all of these people who are speaking without knowledge to come get some!” – Tim Dodd, Owner.