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Is Walking On The American Flag A Right?

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The United States Flag seems to have become a central theme in protests and patriotism lately. Flag desecration has been a long standing form of protest against the United States as a whole or in protest of specific grievances or policies. Though States and even the federal government have attempted to pass legislation to protect the flag, The Supreme Court has ruled TWICE that flag desecration is protected free speech, symbolic speech to be exact. Since Michelle Manhart “rescued” a flag from desecration (being walked on) at Valdosta State University, America has become fixated on the flag, both as a means of protest or getting attention and as a symbol of pride and patriotism.

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Baltimore Riots 2015 & Black Lives Matter

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Clockwise from top left: Tears swell in the eyes of a Baltimore police officer Sunday in Baltimore; a peaceful conversation between Baltimore law enforcement and citizens; a woman holds up a peace sign during a rally; a woman sheds a tear as family and friends speak at a “Justice for Freddy” rally. (All photos by Devin Allen)

Baltimore has dominated the news over the past few days and the subtext of the entire ordeal is race or more specifically African-Americans vs. the police. To put this in perspective it is necessary to take a look at the racial make-up of Baltimore, its citizens, its police and its governmental leadership.

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Was Michelle Manhart Wrong To Protect The Flag?

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Michelle Manhart Protects US Flag

Michelle Manhart has become the darling of patriotism for her defense of the flag at Valdosta State University, but is she really? As an Air Force veteran, one would think she would understand the 1st amendment freedom of expression. You see the Supreme Court has ruled that flag desecration is protected free speech. Of course, the Supreme Court has also ruled that SOME pornography is protected free speech, so as a former Playboy model, Michelle Manhart should be well aware of the concept. Freedom of speech and expression are rights and freedoms that we all share whether we agree with the views expressed or the form that the free expression takes.

The Socialist Islamic State

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Fascism, at least in the word’s common usage of today, is understood to be a form of socialism in which a centralized authoritarian regime or dictator, one which places nation/race/religion above all else, controls a society through strict regimentation and the suppression of dissent and opposition.

The term “Islamofascism” is generally understood to describe an authoritarian political system based on Islamist beliefs.

It isn’t a difficult stretch to understand that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria fits the definition of Islamofascism.

In fact, once one takes a closer look at the Islamic State, it becomes clear that they are indeed socialists, of the Islamic variety.

Their goal is to establish a Caliphate, or one giant, all-inclusive Islamic nation, in which everyone lives under strict Islamic Sharia law. Non-believers and dissenters are driven out, extorted, forced to submit and convert, or killed. Opposition is not tolerated.

Southern Poverty Law Misfires

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Southern Poverty Law Misfires With Implied Connection Between Canadian Shooting Suspect and Cold Dead Hands 2nd Amendment Group

We at Cold Dead Hands and CDH, Inc. take shooting rampages very seriously and it has been brought to our attention that the Southern Poverty Law Center has named us in connection with Canadian shooting suspect Justin Bourque. In a blog piece titled “Canadians Hunt Gun Control-Hater in Cop-Killing Rampage” released Thursday June 5th, under the heading HATEWATCH, there was an implication that the Cold Dead Hands 2nd Amendment Advocacy Group may have been a motivating factor behind the shooting rampage of Mr. Bourque in Moncton, a Canadian city located in Westmorland County in southeastern New Brunswick. In their blog post they stated,

“A motive for the shooting was not immediately known, but the 24-year-old suspect, Justin Bourque, apparently posted a series of anti-police and anti-gun control references on his Facebook page.” They then went on to name Cold Dead Hands specifically as one of those posts. “In a Facebook post dated March 26, Bourque shared a photo from the gun advocacy group Cold Dead Hands that depicted a mushroom cloud along with the words: “So you’re okay with the government having the weaponry to annihilate all life on earth, but you’re upset I have a rifle that holds 30 rounds?”

The Fear of The Left

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I’ve known this for a long time but have never been reminded at a time when I was motivated and had the spare time to sit down and type out my thoughts. After driving an hour to be 30 minutes early to pick my wife up from work, it seems that the perfect storm is finally upon us.

What really burns me up about the people that are trying to steal our guns and bypass our rights, is that they have no moral reasoning in their fights. They will take people’s emotions and use them as political leverage to strike fear, anger, and pain into every heart they can, in order to convince others that their proposal will make the fear and pain go away. There are some that will shout, “Then we should fight fire with fire!”; but I am not among them. Those tactics will leave us with scorched earth, hurt people, and more cleaning-up to do after the emotional bloodbath subsides.