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2nd Amendment: A Well Regulated Militia…

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A Second Amendment Tutorial: The definition of words may change over time, but the original intent at the time they were written does not.A Second Amendment Tutorial: First let us start with a firm foundation. The definition of words may change over time, but the original intent at the time they were written does not.

The opening words of the 2nd Amendment have fueled more misinterpretation and infringement upon American freedoms than just about any other part of the Constitution. What is “A Well Regulated Militia?” If “the people” have an individual right to “keep and bear” arms, then why start out the 2nd amendment talking about a “well regulated militia?” Do you have to be in a militia to keep and bear arms? It’s actually not as complicated as many would have you believe. In researching this article, even I learned a few things. The best place to start is the beginning. What does “well regulated” mean, or more appropriately, what did it MEAN at the time the second amendment was written?

Can You Hear Me Now? No More Warrantless Searches Of Cell Phones

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By Steven M Denny, Attorney at Law

A right is something that you take for granted until you need it. People are often surprised when they enter my office to discuss the details of the case the government has brought against them. Clients say “they never read me my rights.” They say “they just kicked the door in without saying who they were.” They say “they put me in a squad car after I refused the search and asked my angry ex-girlfriend if they could search my apartment.” Without fail, every client who asks one of those questions asks this next question:


Unfortunately, the answer is more often than not, “yes.”

Your rights are eroding right under your feet. I wager that most of the people who take the time to read this are not accused of a crime. I suspect many of you have acted as jurors in criminal cases and have seen law enforcement tactics that you knew were questionable but let them get away with it because the defendant “was a really bad guy.” Pay attention, because before long, all the “really bad guys” will be locked up and in comparison, you and I will be the really bad guys because we demand our rights which unfortunately will no longer be there.

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Second Amendment Advocacy: Why is it so Important?

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Gun rights are the last bastion of liberty left in America.With so many issues vying for our attention on a daily basis, why focus on the 2nd Amendment? I mean really, we have over 300 million souls in America and at least as many guns in circulation. It’s not like they will all disappear overnight or even over the next decade or two, right? Why not focus our energy on more pressing issues?

Well, let me tell you why. Gun rights are the last bastion of liberty left in America. Any honest analysis of America today will show you that virtually ALL of our other liberties, guaranteed by the Constitution, have been all but eliminated. The controlling tentacles of the federal leviathan have encroached upon every aspect of traditional American freedom and liberty. The “right to life” is being aborted in astronomical numbers. The pursuit of happiness, commonly linked to property ownership, is under constant attack through eminent domain abuse, property taxation and EPA regulations to name a few. Free speech no longer exists, having succumbed to the pressures of political correctness. Freedom of religion, or at least religious expression in public, is vilified and shunned. Innocent until proven guilty has been perverted by the media to guilty until proven innocent, especially if a gun was involved. Shall I go on?

Gun Control = Child Abuse

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During a conversation last week the subject of kids and guns came up, surprising I know. This is not a new topic for me by any means, but I did hit upon a new perspective on the subject. Gun Control, Gun Restriction, Gun Regulation and Gun Free Zones are all forms of child abuse. Every regulations, restriction and gun control law that gets put on the books adds another phantom brick to a growing FALSE sense of security. Every gun control measure passed makes it easier for lackadaisical parents to justify NOT teaching their kids firearm safety. Governmental obsession with gun control has already removed firearms safety education from public schools for the most part. So, how is all of this child abuse?

Caught in the cross-hairs of duplicity…

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I have had just about enough of Piers Morgan and his asinine rants about the level of violence in our country.  He spews his lies to anyone gullible enough to listen and it seems he has quite the audience (seemingly half the population), because he’s still on the air doing what he does best… stirring up controversy. The man is a bald face liar, citing statistics about his beloved homeland while trying to place his country on the same level as our own.  It’s like comparing apples to oranges.  There is no comparison between the two, none… nada.  Our country is the land of the free, home of the brave while his is one that lives in the shadow of a monarchy.  Ours enjoys freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the privilege, ability and right to bear arms.  England may have less gun violence per capita, but it’s simply because they’ve been disarmed and ruled over by the very same government we beat down and took our independence from.