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The Fighting Way of the Kitchen Knife

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    When things go bump in my night, I reach for my Springfield Armory .45 caliber, semi-auto handgun by the bed. And if things go bump through the day, I have several pistols stationed around my house within the fine legend of the old “lunge and reach” rule. You might say that I need this security above and beyond the usual safety concerns of citizens. After almost two decades as a police detective in Texas, I was primarily involved in sending criminals to prison. Murders, robbers, rapist and flat out lousy people. And now through the years they are being released from jail. And, if one of them gets frisky enough”¦well, I just need some guns around.
    When things go bump in your night? What do you have? I do feel sorry for you if you cannot feel the soothing heft of at very least a pistol in your vulnerable hand at that primal moment. But, never mind that whole no-gun-thing right now because I actually want to talk to you about knives, not guns. Specially kitchen knives.
    I get a fair amount of correspondence asking me about knife training. And some folks demand “tactical folder” training only, and in particular “not about that big knife stuff.” No fixed blade knives because…