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Bloomberg Anti-Gun Groups Caught In The Crossfire

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UPDATE: Crossfire Arms LLC issues press release announcing intent to file suit against “Everytown and all those associated with the defamatory report” for the distribution of “factually incorrect reports to susceptible media outlets and elected-state officials.” View original press release in .pdf format HERE.

Crossfire Press Release

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When I received the press release from Mr. Richards he included a note that I felt compelled to include here as well.

It is with a heartfelt expression of thanks that we reach out to you today.  Your support, and above all integrity in reporting is truly appreciated.
With Best Regards,

Bobby Richards

Crossfire Arms LLC

I did not include this to toot my own horn, so to speak, but rather to illustrate the genuine and appreciative nature of Mr. Richards himself. While I do not consider myself a journalist, I do strive to maintain my integrity in every issue I address. A trait not found in large measure within the modern journalism field. As the lawsuit implies, there is perceived if not actual complicity with the mainstream media today to propagate the falsehoods put out by groups such as those created by Mr. Bloomberg. Alternative media, such as our page here, are becoming more prevalent and used more frequently by people searching for the truth behind what is reported in the “News.” We take that responsibility seriously. If only those on the Bloomberg side of the gun rights debate shared that commitment to truth and integrity. Perhaps this lawsuit will serve as notice that the “little people” will no longer be bullied by those with limitless funds and an agenda. In this David vs. Goliath confrontation the money and influence on the Everytown side does not bode well for Mr. Richards. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and bring new developments to the public so that Mr. Richards and those like him who stand up for our freedom know there are thousands of Americans out here who have their back. America is beginning to fight back against the forces that seek to change or “fundamentally transform” this great nation. The battle has only just begun.


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