Behind The Social Media Curtain

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What are “CoMmUnItY sTaNdArDs”? Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of some of your favorite social media pages, especially in the current climate of Big Tech purging and CENSORSHIP!

Over the last nine years, Cold Dead Hands has built a following of nearly 2.5 Million on Facebook and over 130K on Instagram. We also had a fairly popular YouTube channel, until we had our first run in with Big Tech Censors. Without warning, our YouTube channel was just gone one day, allegedly for “promoting the sale of firearms.” To be clear, we do not, nor have we ever sold firearms, but we did attend SHOT Show regularly and posted videos of the latest and greatest 2A Tools premiered there. That was about 4 YEARS ago and it was just a glimpse of what was to come.

That was also about the same time our Cold Dead Hands Facebook page was taken down, temporarily over the 4th of July weekend. At that time though, there was still some recourse and appeals processes available. We got our page back, with the assurance that any “reports” made against us would be reviewed by human eyes rather than algorithmic automation. Then came the 2016 Election and our page posts (with less than a million followers at the time) reached 160 Million people the week preceding the election. Obviously, we grew quite quickly after that and then things began to change.

In 2016, Facebook started their “independent third-party fact-checking” program. We had a few violations early on, for such egregious crimes as sharing misattributed quotes or posts that popped up in people’s Facebook Memories that were flagged when they reshared them on topics that had since been corrected or proven false, but were not known to be false when originally posted. Again, we still had some cooperation with Facebook behind the scenes then, so we were able get them resolved. The issue of Fact checkers will be the subject of another article, though. Stay tuned.

Then came 2018 and our first CoMmUnItY sTaNdArDs violation. The post was removed, we were not told what the post was or what policy it violated. And that was the beginning of the end of cooperation. We had some issues in 2018 and early 2019, before we finally started to crack the code of what content they were targeting. We got better at dealing with the FaCt ChEcKeRs and were able to win almost all of our appeals with fact checkers, though admittedly we were in the wrong on occasion and had to add a correction to the post.

Then the “shadowbanning” began. These are Facebook’s own analytics for the Cold Dead Hands page over the last two years.

You can leave a 2.5 Million follower page up, and avoid the bad press of taking down a large page, if you simply restrict the reach so nobody sees what they post.

Late 2019 and all through 2020 to present, Facebook “Jumped The Shark” and went completely off the rails. Here are a few examples of what constitutes a community standards violation. Kyle Rittenhouse Broke Social Media.

A PVC Patch likeness of Kyle Rittenhouse was considered a community standards violation. “Supporting Dangerous Person or Organization.”
A tweet from Kyle’s lawyer was also considered a community standards violation. “Supporting Dangerous Person or Organization.”

Of course, we pointed out the absurdity of these decisions in our appeals to Facebook, but to no avail. Then, after the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6th 2020, Patrick James and Jon Britton, the founders of Cold Dead Hands, had their PERSONAL Facebook profiles purged. Not our 2.5 Million follower page though… Hmmm…. However, our 130K+ Instagram page was gone along with several other smaller Facebooks pages we ran, including each of their individual Author’s Pages.

Allegedly, once again, for violating their recently expanded “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy to address militarized social movements and violence-inducing conspiracy networks. As such, we will disable the profiles of admins who manage Pages and Groups removed for violating these policies. You can find more information about our policies here and updates to our policies pertaining to the events at the US Capitol here. As such, the accounts in question are ineligible to be restored.”

We have been told by Facebook management that our accounts cannot be restored because of what we “might” post to such a large audience. Despite the fact that they have already restricted our effective reach and that we have never posted any type of violent or inciteful content, either personally or professionally.

What did we post, regarding the events in DC, you ask? We have no clue, they won’t tell us and we have no avenue of appeal. We made exactly two posts related to the events at the U.S. Capitol. This:

Our only Jan. 6th post as we maintained “radio silence” as we waited to see how events played out.

Then, after some reflection on the events, we posted this video:

From our Into the Fray video series on YouTube and Rumble

Both of those posts are still alive and well on Facebook, YouTube and Rumble. So, THAT’S not it. The only thing we had posted on our other pages where occasional shares from our main Cold Dead Hands page and occasional ad posts from our Cold Dead Hands Store. Not only did the page founders get perma-banned, but the graphics guy they contracted for logos and banners was perma-banned, as well. The only reason he had page privileges was to update graphics and never posted any actual content to the page. Yet in their ZEALOUSNESS they destroyed his graphics business, wiped out his band pages, groups and literally destroyed his business. His crime? Guilty by association, apparently. Another former admin, who hadn’t posted any content to any of the pages for well over a year, was also perma-banned.

This is just a sample of what goes on behind the scenes between big tech social media and pages who do not share their ideology or their narrative. Almost an entire year (2020) of riots, violence, death and destruction went seemingly unnoticed by the tech giants. Kyle Rittenhouse, Qanon, legal militias and the events in DC, however, ALL got very swift scrutiny, judgement and reprisals BEFORE the facts were known or any investigation done. Don’t question the election. Don’t question the science. Don’t question the narrative. Don’t think for yourself or research outside of approved sources. THIS is where we are today.

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