Awakening vs The Wokening

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The Wokening is on full display from Afghanistan to the Southwest border, from the classroom to the boardroom and from the streets to the halls of power. The question is, does this display mark a paradigm shift in America or trigger a Great Awakening of the sleeping giant?

We here at Cold Dead Hands have become intimately familiar with the Woke “community standards” of Big Tech social media. However, recent widespread exposure of things, we’ve known all along, like the active censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop and potential lab leak origin of Covid are beginning to expose these realities across the nation.

A year of remote learning has awakened many parents to the Woke agenda that has heretofore spread quietly through our education system. The same is true in corporate America where more and more employees are blowing the whistle on corporate Woke culture. Critical Race Theory is racism and it is becoming institutionalized through Education, Government and Corporate implementation.

Irony or Intent? Critical Race Theory is becoming Institutionalized Racism.

The debacle in Afghanistan is a consequence of Wokeness, as well. The “policy” and contingency “planning” has obviously been driven by avoidance of Woke landmines. To hear the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, say “we don’t have the capability to go out and collect up large numbers of people,” is all you need to hear. There is NO organization more capable of that missionthan the U.S. military. What the current “leadership” DOESN’T have is the WILL. Rather than doing what needs to be done, they are avoiding the possibility of another “Blackhawk Down” scenario. They fear being viewed as “anti-Islamic” if a confrontation or fire fight ensues. Despite the fact that our allies, uber-liberal France, UK and others are doing just that.

Meanwhile, in Congress, the leftist wokesters are driving the legislative agenda from immigration to the environment to the fearmongering of Covid. Pushing to pass TRILLIONS of dollars in spending, while past approved spending remains largely unspent yet. “Public Health” mandates, gun control and the complete rewriting of the voting system in America are all designed to centralize and institutionalize their Wokeness, power and control.

Ironically, as the Woketopians inch closer to their goal and become emboldened, the American people are Awakening to the threat they pose. In a twist of fate, so absurd that no fiction author would ever dare write it, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris just may be America’s saviors. I know, you probably just choked a bit, but hear me out. There has never in American history been a presidency that was so blatantly incompetent puppets. That gross level of incompetence has exposed the puppet masters and their media cover-up cohorts. It is literally waking up many Americans to the corruption and subterfuge that has long been relegated to the fringe conspiracy theorists. What once was dismissed is now being shown to be true and that knowledge will strengthen the awakening.

From a summer of BLM/Antifa violence to Covid totalitarianism, from CRT to the chaos in Kabul, from the border surge to discouraging freedom seeking Cuban refugees, the blatant globalist Wokeness is being exposed to such a degree that even the “mainstream media” can’t hide it or avert a true American Awakening. The entrenched forces of the Wokening will not go quietly, so as the sleeping giant awakens, I encourage caution and preparedness. Expect a potentially violent response and do not let it deter you from your path. America was built by brave men and women with a resolve to live free, willing to dedicate their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the cause.

Are you THAT kind of Awakening American or merely a Woketopian subject?

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