Another Senseless Act of Violence in Gilroy, California

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Another beautiful morning in the great Republic of Texas… the black coffee flows as freely whether it’s 100- or 40-degrees outside, and so does the homegrown perspective (the truth is often saddening, when we ignore our responsibilities). 

Gun Control advocate’s view, comparing Constitutionally protected, natural born rights to that of two faulty products built by capitalist corporations.

So, we had another senseless act of violence in Gilroy, California over the weekend. It appears that a “really angry” 19-year-old ignored California’s strict gun laws (this is typical criminal ideology), then acted out some criminal-like fantasy by opening fire on innocent men, women and children. The result; three innocent people dead, including a 6-year-old boy who didn’t ask for anything, but to grow up. 

Santino William Legan illegally evaded security checkpoints by cutting through a fence, then illegally entered the festival with an alleged “assault-style weapon” that he illegally transported into the state of California. He carried the illegal weapon illegally into the fairgrounds past posted signs that specifically stated that firearms were prohibited, and violators would be punished. 

Many more innocent citizens were injured during the “spree-style” shooting, even though law enforcement managed to “put down” the “crazed teenage criminal” in less than one minute, after they had responded (We appreciate their efforts and dedication in responding to lunatic criminals who are hellbent on hurting innocent people). 

What could people have done to prevent the loss of innocent lives? Nothing more than was probably already done. They live in a state that restricts their right to carry for their own protection. They live in a state where everything is labeled a “safe zone”. A place where everyone should be able to go for safety, but often… it doesn’t work out quite as nicely as they had planned.

I would be remiss if I didn’t now insert that our hearts truly do go out to all who suffer through this and any other senseless act of violence, perpetrated by the hands of illegal, immoral and ignorant criminals. I have responded to scenes like these in the past. There is nothing that will erase the sights, smells and sounds of horrendous acts of depravity committed by criminals upon innocent people (except the love of my Christ… it works for me).

The next thing we NEED to be talking about is; How do we stop these types of violence from happening again? That is the $65,000 question, and here is my two-cent answer (some understand it, and some will hate it), but the truth is still the truth, no matter how much you hate to admit it.

We the People have an obligation to protect ourselves, our families and those around us who are weaker. That can range from innocent children, the elderly or handicapped (it can even be people who are too scared to defend themselves or may have already been overwhelmed by evil), innocent people deserve to have a protector “stand in the breach” for them. 

Good people are often more than willing to offer their assistance to others, in that time of need.  Some of us train for that moment. Some of us have “been there, done that”. Some are “wannabes” or “Ricky Rescues”, just waiting for the moment to become a “hero” (this doesn’t make them any less effective or willing).  Some are just willing to stand in defiance of evil… because it is the right thing to do. 

Those who are willing and able… to stand and defend against the evil that is corrupting our societal values, are being hamstrung by unconstitutional gun control regulations. We the People are being attacked by evil, and the only answer they can find to defend against those who do not “follow the rules” of society, are more rules they will not follow.

California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States. The politicians and the “scared” citizens of that state have single-handedly created a “smorgasbord of opportunity” for the illegal activities of criminals. Irrational views have permeated the urban hubs where criminals congregate in the darkened shadows, as politicians look for ways to control and the scared look for ways to make it all; happy.

Life isn’t and has never been “all about happy”. It should be, but it just isn’t. There is one way to help ensure happiness can happen. Be prepared for whatever might happen.  The Latin phrase; “Si vis pacem para bellum” comes to mind when I think about being prepared. It has as much relevancy today, as it did when it was uttered many years ago.

Many people think we can lock up evil and it will just stay gone.  Many more think we can restrict the tools of evil and evil will be ineffective. The truth is; evil will always exist. Innocent people will die at the hands of evil people. That is just the cruelties of the life we live. We can’t hide from evil people. We can’t lock all the evil people up to save innocent lives. And we can’t restrict the right and ability of honest people to defend against evil… it just creates more innocent victims. 

We the People of this great Nation have an obligation to remain the responsible, self-reliant citizens this country was created for. We must put aside our conscientious objections toward the type of violence that is necessary to defend against the evil that seeks to usurp our liberties. We must become the defenders of the innocent and good. Become the seekers of truth and stop letting others decide what is and what is not.

We cannot conquer our fears, if we are afraid to face them. We cannot truly be free, if we continue to absolve ourselves of the responsibilities necessary to securing liberty. Liberty and Freedom are not had by cowards, they are seized by warriors. It lives and breathes in the beating hearts and self-reflective thinking minds of a self-reliant people.

Warriors seize their liberty and freedom… cowards beg for it.

It is a shame that innocent people will die today. It is a shame that often we cannot stop innocent people from dying, no matter how hard we try. It’s a shame that no amount of gun control will ever change those facts. Or that it will never be a constitutionally sound answer to the random acts of violence we experience as we walk our journey through life.

Usurping the rights of honest, law-abiding citizens will only make it worse. Gun Control cannot, nor will it ever be the answer. Standing firm upon a righteous cause, whether that is protecting an innocent life or defending the rights of your neighbor, is what warriors do. And a warrior is who deserves liberty and freedom.

I ask all of you to think about it from all the perspectives. Try to understand the perspectives of the pacifist and try to understand the mind of a warrior. We all must find our common ground and stand firmly upon it as we defend our Nation from the evil that is trying to usurp our birthrights.

Remember, I’m just a guy with a perspective. It may not be your perspective… but mine is based upon the truths of our Founders and the Christ that guides my life. I am not perfect, but with solid self-reflections upon my past mistakes, He helps me to be a better person today, than I was yesterday.  He might be able to help you too… 

Have a great day… and remember, just think about it. 

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Patrick James                    

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