An Open Letter to Mr. Sharpton

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As a police officer’s wife, I struggle to understand how you can hate these everyday heroes. Each day, I watch my husband put on a uniform and kiss us goodbye. He walks out of the door not knowing if this day will be his last. We, his family, never know if we will see him again. He pulls over to help stranded motorists almost daily. He assists children & the elderly to walk across the street, safely. He assists families in enrolling their loved ones in a program that helps those with mental health. He had taken an interest in middle school children with behavioral problems, and worked with them on school work so that they could have “normal days”. I have seen the lives he has touched through that school’s program. He has entered homes where an “active shooter” was deemed possible, just to save the child in question – without even a thought of his own safety. My husband, and his brothers in blue, continue to be heroes. They serve and protect each and every day, selflessly.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. He dreamt that ALL men were created equal – no matter their ethnic background. He believed in equality and civility. He believed in PEACE. He believed in and envisioned a world where everyone was equal. He was a genuine man who inspired millions through the belief that he had. He inspired us.

You, Mr. Sharpton, do not inspire. In my opinion, you do not promote equality but rather division. You do not see peace, but rather war. Because of your unwarranted and biased protests and public outbursts – you have created fear, anger, and ugly untruths in our country. You have turned millions against police officers and first responders. You have created a false persona that EVERY police officer in this country are corrupt and that all need to be punished. You have stripped them of the honor of wearing a uniform and PROTECTING us from crime, daily to be targeted and hated.

A “Man of God” would not encourage hate.

I challenge you today, Mr. Sharpton. I humbly ask you to step down from such a title of faith & honor, sir. You do not spread the Word of God, but rather enlist anger & hate. If you feel that you have a mission in life to “Fight for the Innocent”, then I encourage you to enlist in the military and serve with our heroes. Volunteer your time and financial efforts to aid a veteran’s hospital. If you feel that you need to honor the innocent – then put on a police officer’s uniform and make entry into a home of an active shooter & attempt to save complete strangers just because you were the “lucky” one to be dispatched to it. Say goodbye to your wife and kids daily and pray that you come home safely that night. Walk one day in an everyday heroes shoes. Just one.

Where are you when our military is slain in battle? Where are you when an officer is gunned down on a routine traffic stop? Where are you when a firefighter dies for putting out a fire that was intentionally started? Where are you when a child is beaten to death by their own parents? Where were you when two NYC Police Officers were gunned down – execution style – in broad daylight? Where were you?

A legacy is what we leave behind. Please, take a deep look at the legacy you are leaving behind. Is this what you want to be remembered for?

I will pray for you, Mr. Sharpton. I pray that God will soften your heart and take the blindfold off of your eyes. But, most importantly, I pray that you are never in a dangerous situation in which you would need help.

Yours Truly,

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