Americanism vs Marxism: Divided We Fall

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The conflict before us today is between Marxism and Americanism. It is NOT between Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, gay and straight, black and white, etc. Those divisions ARE Marxist.

Marxism at its core is simply pitting one group against another and giving the State the power to referee. The proletariat versus the bourgeoisie, haves vs have nots and now a variety of other artificial divisions.

Americanism, on the other hand, is one group, American. Period. A melting pot of cultures and beliefs assimilated from a variety of sources. Each with inherent rights and liberties, with a responsibility to self-govern and protected by a government they control.

The question today is WHO is in control? If you just listen to the words, you get a junk drawer full of mixed messages. You hear words like “unity,” “patriotism,” “diversity,” “equity,” “inclusion” and more. Yet at the same time you SEE the actions of division, segregation and vilification. Actions speak louder than words!

The words do have power though, because the majority of Americans just aren’t really paying attention. The words sound positive, supportable and nobody wants to be seen as something negative, like a racist or transphobic.  This is the true tell, the “tic” that gives away the Marxist. If you align with their preferred viewpoints, you’re good. If you question or disagree, you’re not just “wrong,” you are, in fact, EVIL.

The Marxists have learned to use our Constitutional tools against us. Using these manufactured divisions to worm into places of power. From preschool to universities, to journalism, entertainment, politics and even the military. Meanwhile, far too many American patriots sit back, write checks to lobbyists and expect the “silent majority” to prevail. The (Marxist) squeaky wheels get the grease and the (American) silent majority gets the shaft.

Do you believe in and support the Constitution, self-governance and the Rule of Law? If so, then you MUST use the tools the Constitution provided to keep our government in check. Stand up to the dividers and stand firm in the face of false accusations and name calling. Freedom isn’t free, is messy and sometimes even dangerous.

That’s why the Cold Dead Hands motto is Educate, Motivate, Advocate. We don’t take people’s money and claim to speak for them. We try to educate and motivate people to get off of their collective butts, get involved and advocate for themselves.

Organizations with a lot of members and money do carry political weight, BUT… when We The People stand up, speak up and show up in large numbers… WE cannot be ignored. Every issue that motivates people to call, write and rally for a cause gets their attention. When you overload DC phone systems and shut down mail servers, it gets attention.

We don’t have a monarchy, a dictatorship, socialist commune or a democracy for a reason. No, the United States is NOT a democracy, not even a “representative democracy.” What we have is quite different. It’s a collage of governments, local state and federal. Each with unique powers, responsibilities, constituencies and jurisdictions. Yes, we have the U.S. Constitution, but we also have 50 state constitutions, interstate compacts, local charters, etc.

Separation of powers, not the centralized concentration of power. We have individual sovereignty, state sovereignty and national sovereignty. That is Americanism. We have a Federalist Constitutional Republic, but only, as Benjamin Franklin famously warned, “If You Can Keep It.”

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