Review- Are Alien Gear Holsters out of this World?

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First Impressions – 

The Alien Gear website is nicely done and allows you to pick the material and color of your base. They have black and brown leather and black neoprene. I only ordered IWB holsters, so I have no opinions on the OWB rigs. Also note that I only ordered semi auto holsters and their website says that the revolver bases are not interchangeable with semi auto bases.

After you pick whether you want black or brown leather or neoprene, you pick your shell. They have an abundance of shells and I found one for each of the guns I was looking for. Next, select right or left handed. Then, select the type of clips that you want installed on the holster. They offer steel and nylon as the clips installed on the holster and I added the clip combo just to try some others out. They give you the option of adding an extra shell that is easily switched out with 4 screws. You can also switch the ride height, cant, and retention with the same tool. They have nifty animations on their website if you don’t know what any of those terms means. I was given the option to add an extra shell, so I did, and since I couldn’t decide which guns to order it for, I ordered another 2 gun combo for a total of 4 bases and 6 shells.

The shipping was quicker than expected. It wasn’t dropped off by a drone hours after I clicked buy, but I didn’t get impatient and have to call or email asking if I was ever going to get my stuff. I will also note that I started an order previously, but didn’t complete the payment because they didn’t take American Express. When I came back this time, that had been added as a payment option.

Each holster arrived in a black sealed bag with the tool, extra screws, spacers and a decal. I quickly discovered that I ordered too many similar holsters at one time and couldn’t easily tell them apart. I took a gold sharpie and labeled each one so it wouldn’t take as long to get the right holster out of the closet. I also discovered that a wire hanger is perfect for storing the holsters in the closet right next to your pants. Just click the clips over the bottom of the hanger and then you can easily coordinate your outfit each day.

So far, I am pleased with each one. I have found that the neoprene is more comfortable right out of the bag, especially next to bare skin, but just a few days of wear gets the leather conforming to your body shape. The clips are sturdy and keep the holster in place and work with a wide variety of belts. I prefer the clips that shipped on the holster, but the other clips worked just as well when I tried them. I least liked the belt loops.

Follow their included instructions on how to get used to wearing the holster. They also have some helpful videos on the website. As with any IWB, you have a learning curve on where to put it on your belt, and tucking a shirt into it takes some practice. I also recommend that you practice drawing an unloaded firearm from the holster until you are comfortable with that action as well.

If you intend to use the base with multiple firearms, be sure to order the base to go with the largest framed gun you intend to use with that base. If you order the base to go with a keltec p3at, then attempt to put a full size 1911 shell on it, you will have steel in contact with your body. If you put the smaller shell on the bigger base, you just have extra base that you are carrying around which is far more preferable to me.

They also have a shell swap program, lifetime warranty, and a 30 day test drive. I have not encountered a reason to use any of those features, but will update this review if that opportunity arises.

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