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Welcome To The Socialist Democracy Of America

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“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

The constitutional republic once known as The United States of America was conquered long ago and very few people even noticed. The US of A today has devolved into a socialist democracy bent on self-destruction. Stop and think for a minute, when was the last time you heard a politician, media talking head or ANYONE in any “official capacity” refer to America or her form of government as a “constitutional republic?” On the other hand, I doubt any one of you could even begin to count the number of times you have heard it referred to as a “democracy.” Democracy, defending democracy, spreading democracy around the world, democracy, democracy, democracy… Do you know what our founders thought of democracy?

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Texas Open Carry: Much Ado About NOTHING

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The Texas State Senate passed Senate Bill 17 (licensed open carry) and the Texas House is expected to do the same with House Bill 910 (their version of the same bill). Already there are those “usual suspects” bemoaning the passage of these bills and the cost and carnage that will ensue. As this proposed and probably soon to be open carry law is being both praised and denounced, it seems fitting that SOMEONE actually put it into perspective. First the facts! The Texas Open Carry Law is “licensed open carry” meaning that only those with a Texas Concealed Handgun License will be “allowed” to open carry. What will that look like in Texas? Nobody will even notice and here’s why…

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Texas Legislature Passes Open Carry

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The Texas Legislature has passed Licensed Open Carry with one more ‘formal’ vote remaining before the bill is sent to Governor Greg Abbott. While we are excited that Texas is moving the right direction, we would like to warn you against giving the left what they want –  for us to accept this victory and loosen our grip on the failing Progressive agenda. 

Licensed Open Carry is a compromise. If you are a resident of Texas, it should go without saying that you should not be happy that your elected statesmen have compromised in regard to your Constitutional Rights. Anything less than Constitutional Carry is an infringement upon our rights as a Free People. Texas should be a leader in the realm of Pro-Gun Politics. It is encouraging to see that Texas’ Gun Laws are moving in the right direction – away from its longstanding infringing similarities to laws in leftist strongholds like New York and California.

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It Happened There, It Can Happen Here.

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auschwitz banner     

If you are an American gun owner, you have heard that particular phrase before: It can’t happen here. It’s often deployed as a specious claim used to instill a false sense of security in lawful citizens prior some politician or gun-ban activist demanding some aspect of their liberty be surrendered.

However, while anti-gun elitists and their usefully-uninformed sycophants claim that gun confiscation “can’t happen here”, we must look no further than to the industrialized nations who, prior to the onslaught of political liberalism, were also bastions of lawful gun ownership.

In 1997 Britain made ownership of handguns completely illegal for lawful citizens. Considering the British government had required serial number registration of all legally (emphasis on LEGALLY) sold handguns since 1968, confiscation was nearly effortless. In fact, the British government simply demanded that Britons surrender their previously-legal arms obsequiously to the state, or face prison. The confiscation scheme was successful—with over 162,000 pistols and 1.4 million pounds of ammunition being surrendered by British gun owners on the disingenuous pretext of safety.1

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Is It Justifiable To Shoot An “UNARMED” Person?

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In order to answer that question, we must first define what it means to be “unarmed.” There has been substantial press over the last few years regarding police and other shootings of “unarmed” people, as if the only definition of UNARMED is “not having a gun.” So, can someone who does not have a gun, or even a knife or a club of some sort, still pose a threat of serious bodily harm or even death?

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BATFE Ammo Scare Concession… What’s It All About?

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1777941So, the BATFE has rescinded their proposal on banning M855 ammunition and everyone is celebrating a great victory. I will be the first to say; getting people organized and taking the battle to the enemy (BATFE) in numbers great enough to influence them, is a great step in the right direction.  Although, if you haven’t read my article; BATFE: Infringing on our rights again?  maybe you should.  As I said in this article; was this initial decision by the BATFE simply a “gun control” issue or was there some other underlying objective we weren’t seeing?  I lend a quote from B. R. Ambedker that speaks volumes:

History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict, victory is always with economics. Vested interests have never been known to have willingly divested themselves unless there was sufficient force to compel them.

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The Protesters Who Cried Wolf, Black Lives Matter

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Dateline Madison Wisconsin, young black male, 19, shot and killed by police officer. The investigation has barely begun and the “Black Lives Matter” protests are already gearing up. The Madison Police Department does not investigate it’s own officer involved shootings, so the Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation is investigating the shooting. The name and race of the responding officer has not even been released yet, but a few basic early details have been released.

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Terrorism From Within… America Under Fire?

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Christopher Cornell Capitol plotI just finished reading an article about self-proclaimed American ISIS member Christopher Cornell, the Ohio man (I use that term lightly) recently arrested for plotting attacks on Washington DC. First and foremost I have to say; “Who the hell does this punk think he is?” and secondly; “Where are your parents?”  This is the real problem America is facing right now. Should we be worried that ISIS is planning to attack us in our own home?  Yeah, we sure should be, but we should be more worried about what kids like Cornell are doing. He is of the same ilk as Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.  He is cut from the same cloth as James Holmes or Adam Lanza.   

“I’m with the Islamic State,” Cornell told WXIX. “I’m very dedicated to establish the Sharia in America, to wage war on the kafr (an Islamic term for ‘unbeliever’) and raise the word of Allah above all.”

I’m so dedicated that I risked my whole life.