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Second Amendment Advocacy: Why is it so Important?

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Gun rights are the last bastion of liberty left in America.With so many issues vying for our attention on a daily basis, why focus on the 2nd Amendment? I mean really, we have over 300 million souls in America and at least as many guns in circulation. It’s not like they will all disappear overnight or even over the next decade or two, right? Why not focus our energy on more pressing issues?

Well, let me tell you why. Gun rights are the last bastion of liberty left in America. Any honest analysis of America today will show you that virtually ALL of our other liberties, guaranteed by the Constitution, have been all but eliminated. The controlling tentacles of the federal leviathan have encroached upon every aspect of traditional American freedom and liberty. The “right to life” is being aborted in astronomical numbers. The pursuit of happiness, commonly linked to property ownership, is under constant attack through eminent domain abuse, property taxation and EPA regulations to name a few. Free speech no longer exists, having succumbed to the pressures of political correctness. Freedom of religion, or at least religious expression in public, is vilified and shunned. Innocent until proven guilty has been perverted by the media to guilty until proven innocent, especially if a gun was involved. Shall I go on?

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RFID… The Road To Digital Slavery

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RFID Coming Your WayLately, when I sit down to write something, my mind is so cluttered with all the garbage I read daily (mainstream media propaganda as well as comments from the liberal gun grabbers on Cold Dead Hands), that I just want to crawl inside a bottle of Jameson and say screw this crazy, messed up Leftist mindset. It seems that either their sheep-like naiveté (willingness to follow along blindly) or their unnatural lust for a Utopian society (belief that Socialism is a viable option) is forcing them to stop short of nothing to get what they want. They are hell-bent on destroying the moral fabric and foundation of the greatest country in the world and see our once brave citizens either scared or drunkenly placated by our lethally “spiked” media punchbowl of sensationalized news. 


The errant ‘pussification’ of America is terrifying me to the point that I’ve considered the Patriot Relocation Program a time or two. Although I could never see myself living anywhere other than the United States of America, I’m worried that if they are allowed to continue down this path, what was once  the land of the free and home of the brave will not exist anymore. We might as well have a government enforced and sanctioned “polite” police now, as they tell us how to handle bullies such as rapists, thieves and murderers! Call Law Enforcement when someone breaks into your house.

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Did You Know: The Gun Debate Isn’t Even About Guns?

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The Gun DebateI often ask myself, why do we call it a gun debate in America? Gun Rights, Gun Control, Gun Culture, Gun Violence… The whole conversation isn’t even about guns. Guns are merely the shiny distraction that everyone focuses on, while the real debate boils just under the surface. When you take the word GUN out of it, you start to see the REAL debate; Rights, Control, Culture, Violence…

When people say “gun rights”, what they really mean is HUMAN rights. I have the natural human right to LIVE, to protect and preserve my life and the responsibility to protect the rights of those around me. When people say “gun control”, what they really mean is PEOPLE control. They want to control who is armed and with what level of self-protection. They want the power. When we speak of the “gun culture”, what we are really talking about is the AMERICAN culture. Despite the make up of our citizenry, mutts from around the world, America DOES have it’s own distinct and unique culture and values. Dennis Prager sums it up quite eloquently in his American Trinity which I highly recommend you watch. That brings us to “gun violence”, which really refers to the breakdown of our society as a whole.

Southern Poverty Law Misfires

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Southern Poverty Law Misfires With Implied Connection Between Canadian Shooting Suspect and Cold Dead Hands 2nd Amendment Group

We at Cold Dead Hands and CDH, Inc. take shooting rampages very seriously and it has been brought to our attention that the Southern Poverty Law Center has named us in connection with Canadian shooting suspect Justin Bourque. In a blog piece titled “Canadians Hunt Gun Control-Hater in Cop-Killing Rampage” released Thursday June 5th, under the heading HATEWATCH, there was an implication that the Cold Dead Hands 2nd Amendment Advocacy Group may have been a motivating factor behind the shooting rampage of Mr. Bourque in Moncton, a Canadian city located in Westmorland County in southeastern New Brunswick. In their blog post they stated,

“A motive for the shooting was not immediately known, but the 24-year-old suspect, Justin Bourque, apparently posted a series of anti-police and anti-gun control references on his Facebook page.” They then went on to name Cold Dead Hands specifically as one of those posts. “In a Facebook post dated March 26, Bourque shared a photo from the gun advocacy group Cold Dead Hands that depicted a mushroom cloud along with the words: “So you’re okay with the government having the weaponry to annihilate all life on earth, but you’re upset I have a rifle that holds 30 rounds?”

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Gun Snobs: Anti-Gun Allies

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Gun Snobs See ThisThe recent coverage of the Open Carry movement in Texas has brought the “Gun Snobs” out in full force. What is a “Gun Snob”, you ask? A Gun Snob is someone who claims to support the 2nd Amendment, BUT… They typically criticize other gun owners and advocate for a variety of issues from the open carry vs concealed carry debate to “tactics” employed in advocacy. The long-gun open carry movement in Texas is a prime example. Criticism has ranged from, “You’re hurting all gun owners” to, “Can we at least get someone under 400 lbs. to be the poster child for the movement?” One comment on a Facebook thread I was reading likened it to Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement, saying that many black Americans criticized her for “Rocking the boat”, saying she wasn’t “Helping their cause”;  of course the rest of that story is now history.

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NRA vs. Texas Long Gun Carriers: A win for the anti-gun movement

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Fear-mongering worksIn writing this article, I had originally chastised both the NRA and the Texas Open Carry movement because I fell into the same knee-jerk reaction to which most others had succumbed. It wasn’t until I went to sum it all up at the end that it dawned on me what is really going on here. The divide and conquer strategy of the anti-gun movement is working, sadly enough it has infiltrated all levels of pro-gun advocacy. Ironically, I wrote an article on this very subject almost a year and a half ago: Weapons of Mass Distraction: The Divide and Conquer Strategy. 

This recent tiff between the NRA and long gun open carriers in Texas has nothing to do with long guns, advocacy tactics or any of the other common arguments from one side or the other. This divide is the direct result of the success of the anti-gun propaganda campaigns. Many of those fighting to protect our natural right of self defense and against government infringement of those rights have fallen prey to the propaganda. What this all boils down to is that the demonization of firearms has become entrenched, even in the minds of many pro 2nd Amendment gun owners. Unfortunately, it has become more pervasive than many firearms advocates realize or want to admit. The dreadfully worded, and since recanted, statement which you can read in it’s entirety here: Good Citizens and Good Neighbors: The Gun Owners’ Role is a prime example.

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Gun Bigotry is Intolerable

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We exist in a country where racist comments are considered the ultimate sin, at least in terms of public outrage and twitter-sphere opinion.  The Donald Sterling escapade is our most recent high profile example. So why is it vile, hateful bigotry is acceptable against gun owners like us?

Let’s look at an example.  There’s a full spectrum of anti-gun people, even if we disagree with all of them,. There are those who want more restrictions. There are those who want guns banned. There are those who feel this way and will lie and mislead to get their goal. There are those who do this, but do so with ugly, twisted nastiness. And, unfortunately, there are those who do all these things, and have an audience and millions to whom they can spew their vicious bigotry. While I realize we’ll never get the kind of politically correct surge that’s available to shout down bigotry is based upon skin color, I still feel we need to do what we can to raise our voices and let them know we will NOT accept that kind of insult.

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The Leading Cause of Death is life – ban life

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When did the human race, at least in America and the “civilized” world, become so scared of their own shadow? When did they accept the notion that we can legislate away death? We live in a world where every product you buy has warning labels plastered all over it because stupid people have done stupid things with them and then sued the company that made it. We live in a world of helmets and kneepads, seatbelts and airbags, kids growing up under the constant watchful eye of their parents who can no longer trick or treat, no longer play outside unsupervised and the list goes on and on and on. Gone are the days of kids just out roaming the neighborhood or the woods, as I did as a kid. Gone are the days of drinking from the water hose, sword fights with sticks, building forts in the woods or ANY sort of freedom as a child.

The media coverage, 24/7/365, of all the dangers and evil in the world has turned us into overprotective scared sheep looking for the better fencing, better sheepdogs and better ranchers to keep us all safe from the wolves. Dependence is bred from fear. Fear-mongering gets great ratings in the mass media, so fear and government protection has been the undertone of the 24/7 broadcasts in the “civilized” world for decades now. Our kids grow up with constant supervision from scared parents and then move out into a society of constant supervision by our government. George Orwell wrote of just such a society many years ago and many would say that the only thing he got wrong was the YEAR, 1984.