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Cold Dead Hands Reviews: 2Hawks Tomahawks

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2Hawks Warbeast TomahawkOnce in a while something comes along that completely catches you off guard and takes you back in time. This is exactly what happened to me, the day I walked up to Devin Price’s table at the Wannemacher Gun show in Tulsa. I was captivated by the display of ‘old world’ tomahawks laid out on the table. Saying his hawks are a work of art is almost an understatement to their beauty… because truthfully they are mesmerizing. If you are a ‘blade guy or girl’ (I don’t want to insult our beautiful counterparts), you might understand my captivation. I can’t quite figure out if it’s the beauty of the 6150 High Carbon chromium steel heads with the patented 2Hawks bluing or the dark stained hickory handle, but I do know one thing, the combination of the two creates a visual effect that parallels no other hawk I’ve seen or held. After that show, I went home and did a little research on 2Hawks and this is what I found:

“Maker of the finest precision working tomahawks in the world, Two Hawks (the late Robert Thalmann) lived and worked less than a mile upstream of an 1846 American Fur Company trading post on the upper Missouri River. These tomahawks are precision machined and ground, and honed on leather to a razor edge, in the cutler’s shop behind his 1884 home in Fort Benton, Montana.

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Survival Tips for Stealth Training

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Nothing works all of the time. Everything works some of the time!“
By Snake Blocker

#1. Have the right mindset. Block out any phobias you may have had since childhood (or adulthood) about the dark.


#2 Have the right gear and equipment for the environment, as well as, for the elements that you may encounter. Warm and hot weather gear are needed as temperatures drop during the night and rise during the day. Use multiple layers of clothing; wear thick gloves for moving up and down rough terrain; have rope for climbing and descending quietly; bandanna for multi-use; compass for navigation; and off course, appropriate survival items are all helpful.


#3 Stay in the shadows and have correct color clothing, such as camouflage specific to area, dark blue or olive theme colors are recommended. If clothing is too dark, such as dark brown or black, your body patterns can be seen more visibly.


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A New Approach To Liberty?

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I am accosted daily by people who are so fed up with our government that they are ready to do away with it and try something different. From the Uber-Libertarians to the all-out Anarcho-Capitalists, the Utopian vision they have is an America without government at all or at the very least, just enough to keep the roads paved. They all cry “LIBERTY!”, but to quote a popular social media meme “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” 

So, what is “Liberty”? Well there are several definitions, but these two represent the primary usage of the word: 

1. The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority
on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
synonyms: independence, freedom, autonomy, sovereignty, self-government, self-rule,
self-determination, civil liberties, human rights

2. The power or scope to act as one pleases.
synonyms: freedom, independence, free rein, license, self-determination, free will, latitude

Antonyms: Tyranny

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A Conversation with TJ Fabby

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TJ Fabby has thrown his hat into the ring of politics in the state of Texas as a candidate for Representative in House District 10. I had the opportunity to interview him, but this is not your typical Q & A, my goal was to attempt to get to know the man, as well as his policies. We all know that political campaigns are a long string of canned answers to questions and political talking points, so I conducted this interview a little differently. I didn’t go into this with a prepared set of questions, we just talked and talked and talked. After an hour and a half, we finally wrapped it up with plans to talk again once he got settled into his new office in Austin, because that is where this man belongs.

TJ Fabby is Texan through and through, he loves the state, the people and the independent spirit that is Texas. His love of that independence showed in all of the topics we discussed from taxes, to federal regulation to Constitutional Carry in Texas. His focus is squarely on individual sovereignty and state sovereignty. He believes they are the fundamental foundation from which regain control of the out of control leviathan that is the federal government. One proposal that illustrates this is to replace the state property tax with a consumption tax (sales tax) and we discussed at length the pros and cons. I must say that he stated his case very effectively in that the consumption tax would allow people to actually OWN their property without risk of losing it to the state for failure to pay the taxes, true property ownership.