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Using Google Image Search

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I use GIMP for editing – mostly because it’s free – but I think you can use Windows Paint to crop an image. Perfection is not necessary, just try to get a clean image for searching. After cropping the text from the image, Point your browser to








Google Image SearchClick the Images button in the upper right.










Google Image Search 2

Click the Camera icon in the text bar.











Google Image Search 3

Now you have a choice, if you have a URL for the image, type it into the address bar and press Enter. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to upload my edited image from my local computer. So I will click the “Upload an Image” tab.






Google Image Search 4

Then I will click the Choose File: button to open a file manager dialog box for selecting the file.







Google Image Search 5

After selecting the file, the search will begin and you will get a typical Google search results window with links relevant to your image.









This is the link to the Google Image Search results that appears when I search for the image. It’s actually pretty cool stuff. They do a fair job of identifying similar images as well.


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