Is 50 the new 30? Let’s explore that a bit…

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Now this is basically the text book description of what Testosterone is and what it does within the body.  As we can see it is vital for proper growth, and is typically at its greatest levels during our teen years as our bodies develop.  We’ve all had those friends in school (or maybe like me, you were that guy) who had facial hair at a young age. This is typically a sign of high test levels in your body as you developed, acne is also a sign of higher levels of testosterone.  The problem is that testosterone begins to decrease as we enter our 20’s and by the time we hit 30 it has dropped to less than half as much as we had in our teens. The lowered levels can cause a multitude of changes within the male body, including muscle loss, decreased sex drive and stamina.  Now I know most guys hate to admit that their sex drive has tapered off, but we all know it’s true. Many things contribute to a diminished libido including stress, but lowered levels of testosterone is most likely the main causative factor.  


So if lowered levels of testosterone can cause so many bad side effects and elevated levels can prevent those negative effects, why is it a schedule III drug?  Testosterone was first synthesized in 1935 and it has been alleged that it was given to German soldiers to increase strength and aggression.  By the 1940’s testosterone use found its way into the “wide world of sports” as athletes found it would give them a competitive edge, but by 1988 its sale without a prescription had been banned by the Anti-Drug Abuse Act and by 1990 and was placed on the schedule III list, which made possession without a prescription a felony.  So I ask this question again; If lowered levels of test can cause so many bad health related effects on men, and elevated levels can prevent them, why is it illegal? Because like every other “good” thing out there… somebody had to ruin it for all of us. Bodybuilders of the 70’s and 80’s (Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno are two admitted users/abusers) stacked several types of anabolic steroids together into “freaky muscle building cocktails” and grew to outrageous proportions. The “stacking” of these anabolic steroids is what “tainted the pool” and forced our politicians into “ban mode”. We all know politicians think we’re stupid and need mommies to think for us.  And this is exactly what happened.  Testosterone earned a “bad rap” and became an evil drug, because it was abused.


Now enter new studies in recent years that proves hormone replacement therapy can be beneficial to aging men with lowered levels and viola… it is making a splash all over the internet with claims of fat reduction, elevated sex drive and muscle growth.  Now this “splash” isn’t all good, and here are some explanations as to why:  The effects of testosterone when introduced into a male with lowered levels is dramatic and I will attest to that fact.  The problem now arises with men who are completely out of shape. For those who have spent their adult working life in an office chair, when their only form of exercise is a “fork” curl, get this sudden burst of energy, it can prove detrimental. As with all forms of exercise or activity, one must always make sure their body can actually handle the added stresses. Well if one of the major effects testosterone creates is energy, whether at work, at the gym or in the bedroom, if your body isn’t ready for that boost, it can cause serious medical conditions. Strokes and heart related problems are some of the most notable medical conditions associated with “hormone replacement therapy,” in fact many of you have undoubtedly seen the “infomercials” advertising some type of class action lawsuit regarding some form of testosterone use.  I just want to say this about that; those infomercials are generated money makers for attorneys who are milking the pharmaceutical industry of millions, just because some overweight 60 year old keeled over after banging the 20 year old babysitter.  Yes… testosterone makes you feel like a teenager again, but you have to know your limitations. If you’re out of shape and overweight, you can’t go at it like Ron Jeremy or you’re gonna blow a gasket.  You have to get yourself on a work-out program that gradually brings your health related problems back inline, but if you happen to be in good physical health with low testosterone levels… look out, because you’ll be pitching that morning wood like the “porn” star you used to be.


So now that we have a better understanding of what testosterone is and does as well as why it has been tagged as “bad” and why it can be “good” if used properly, we can move on to better things in the next article.  I just want to add, that after a couple months of using testosterone personally (I have used it illegally in the past too), I know that it can have “dramatic” effects if used properly.  Yes, the prescribed method and doses are not near as dramatic as the “big boy” doses I have taken in the past and they don’t yield near the same results as fast, but it is quite effective.  I am noticing the gains I am seeing at the gym as far as overall strength and size are quite impressive, and that’s not mentioning what it does for those more intimate areas of your life.


I hope y’all took something away from this article that may help you with your future health. I do want everyone to know that it doesn’t matter if you’re taking supplemental testosterone or any of the other millions of sports/nutritional supplements on the market, nothing can replace a good balanced diet and exercise plan . With that said, if your test levels are low and you take heed of your physical conditioning, it could very well prove to be a very prolific advance in male health.  We’ll be going into more depth on exercises and diet in our future articles, but I will continue to update you on my progress with testosterone therapy as we go along. 





Patrick James is the Creator and Founder of Cold Dead Hands and CDH, Inc.  An author, gun enthusiast and avid outdoorsman, can be found chasing his passions 24/7.  “I’d rather enjoy my life and skid sideways into the grave, worn out and beat up, screaming that was a “helluva” ride, than arrive in one pretty piece, never taking chances and risking it all. Passion in all things, is the key to a successful life.” ~ Patrick James

“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and vanish into air.” ~ John Quincy Adams


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